Thursday, 15 November 2012

12/100 The blacksmith's wife [16]

Sovereigns!  Too many to pass up if they were to come to me, yet how to keep from Gabriel what it would take to gain them?   I’d not claim sainthood, yet keep my promises, had once again vowed I’d be virtuous.
As we galloped I moved back, and felt him quickening.   Soft-voiced, quizzing:  ‘I  knew naught of you ... How came you by the gold?’
Laughing, he recognised my greedy immorality, returned knife to belt, slowed horse and reached for me.   I allowed just a taste of what might be before hard-barging sufficient to unseat him, then riding fast away.

 This is part 16 of 'The blacksmith's wife'.   The whole is a prompt-led serial  which began on the Friday Prediction, in March  and continued, one hundred words at a time, for forty-one episodes.   One of my aims in this 100 days project is to complete the illustrations for each episode and publish the tale in book form.
The  story can be read in its entirety here.

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